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couple of hours now. we knew this day was coming but it still caught so many people off guard. have you had a chance to talk to any employees leaving work right about now? >> reporter: everybody is really stunned. it was expected but the suddenness came so quickly, a lot of employees found out because of an e-mail steve jobs sent out to the board. to the board of directors, i have always said that if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as apple's ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come. i here by resign as ceo of apple. i would like to serve as chairman of the board, director and apple employee. as far as my successor goes, i strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name tim cook as ceo of apple. he said i believe apple's brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it and i look forward to contributing to it in
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my new role. thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you. signed simply steve. it is easy to use superlatives. you're looking at video of jobs earlier in june facing the cupertino city council about the future and apple's new headquarters. since then with the imac and the macbook, the cell phone looks a whole lot different. 279 million ipods helped change the music business. more recently the ipad. let's not forget pixar, giving animation a big high-tech boost. steve jobs the biggest shareholder of disney. i'm not going to eulogize jobs, he is still around, as is apple and the legacy is found all over silicon valley and the world, not just in the products but
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even in the wealth created. since jobs came back in the year 2000, apple shares have gained more than 4,000%. that's a lot of job creation, a lot of wealth to stimulate the economy, both here in silicon valley and around the country. those investors reacting to the news of steve jobs stepping down as ceo tonight. apple shares trading about 5% lower, holding steady. it was about 5% lower when the news first came out as investors digest this news as they will continue to do. again, steve jobs abruptly resigning his post as ceo. we're reporting live from a stunned apple headquarters. back to you. >> let's turn our attention to tim cook. it's been expected that he would be the successor to jobs, he's been running the day-to-day operations, but is he up to the job of being jobs? >> reporter: i think he is. steve jobs had stepped down to take six months of leave from ceo a couple of years ago and in fact tim cook took over.
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while he was there apple continued to sell a lot of products. indeed they saw a rise in their stock price, some 70% during the time tim cook has been here. the culture of steve jobs and the culture of apple has been in place for decades. that's not changing. a lot of creativity. the dna is here. apple will be fine going forward. tim cook has done it before and there's little doubt he will continue to lead this company for a long time to come. >> okay, thank you very much, scott. let's talk more about this announcement. as you heard scott mention, it was made after wall street's closing bell. a good day for apple stock which closed up, dpgaining more than half a percentage point and closing over $376 a share. it's certainly a different story after hours as the asian markets are just now opening. apple is the number one rated company in the s&p. its reach and impact is mass i've. we bring in cnbc from sydney, australia. this is a local story here but apple's impact is global.
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what are you seeing now overseas. [ no audio ] >> clearly we're having some audio problems. we're trying to fix that for you and we'll come back to her as soon as we've got those ironed out. let's turn our attention instead to nbc pay area's business and tech reporter scott mcgrew. today's announcement certainly not surprising, but probably a little bit unsettling for apple employees as they pulled into the parking lot. >> i'm sure it was. remember, this is not the first time that steve jobs has left as ceo. the first time they fired him and that didn't go very well for apple. can apple survive as a company? absolutely. all of the technology that apple has, has taken over the markets. ipad is the leader in tablets, iphone in cell phones. but there's so much to be done
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still in ipad/iphone, even the macbook. they can continue to come out with new versions, a little bit improved each time, for the next five, six years and still dominate the market. >> does this give its competitors, like google and the android phone and all that, are all those other companies looking at this and saying, hey, we're going to get a leg up now? >> no. they are so far ahead, jessica, that i think these companies are going to do what hewlett-packard does, and that is decide we're just not goi to compete on apple's level. >> apple is going to do fine. tim cook is going to come in and do just fine. but the visionary part, and we were talking about this earlier. this is steve jobs, a bay area emblematic of the silicon valley. born and raised here. he loves that and heat loves the visionary part of that. can that be duplicated? >> yes, it can. for now steve jobs wants to be chairman of the board. let's assume they'll appoint him to that position. that's the kwiequivalent of wha
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he's been doing now. there's no way steve jobs was coming in and balancing the books with a pencil. he has been the visionary and hands-off ceo for what, two years now since the first time he stepped away. >> but his deal is hands-on and he's a hands-on guy. >> a hands-on idea guy. a hands-on show me the product. a hands-on this is not good enough sort of guy and he can still do that as chairman of the board, i have no doubt. his student, tim cook, will learn from that as well. >> okay. we move on. thank you for your insight. we continue to cover the story. the buzz and speculation is in full effect. the nuts and bolts now, what happens to the future of apple products. let's bring in our tech analyst, rob enderly, who joins us from your office. rob. >> good to be here. >> rob -- >> so the future of the apple tech products. >> yes, let's talk about that. what do you see happening? >> so the pipeline is good for about 24 months, the products that steve has touched, that he
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has made into the things they will be. that's good for about 24 months and clearly they'll not to erode after that point. he does like to touch everything. he is very hands on, as has been pointed out, and chairmans have a firewall between them and operations. that ended today. so from now for the next 24 months, we're good. after that we'll probably see some changes. >> what changes are we talking about? what do you envision them going in a different direction with? >> well what, steve does that is unique he balances the product. any other ceo coming in like tim cook is probably going to favor engineering over the other aspects and probably won't have the lockdown on marketing or design. the end result is the products will probably be increasingly competent, but will be decreasingly magical. in fact the one thing jobs brings to the table that nobody else can touch is that magic,
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that ability to look at a product and see more than it is. nobody else does that. that's something p.t. barnum had, walt disney had, steve jobs had. it's something we don't get with tim cook. >> rob, you're an analyst a lot of people listen to and tune into. when does the steve jobs halo disappear? it's going to be around the next couple of years, but him stepping down as the active day-to-day, when do the products start taking a nosedive, if they will. a two-year delay, a five-year delay? >> i don't know if they take a nosedive. in terms of seeing the products as more than they are, that magical aspect, that ends as soon as he's offstage. while the products will be the same, recognize that the first iphone was basically the lg prada repackaged. what made it different is how steve jobs presented it. he presented it as something magical, something special. he got people to look at it more than the market had rejected.
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folks saw it for what it could be, not what it was. the tablet was brought to market by microsoft. failed sec tack larly. apple came up with the ipad. basically repackaging the product. people saw it as magical. it's that magic we just lost. >> what are we seeing -- christmas season is just around the corner. you've got a lot of big shopping days coming up. do you see this impacting that in any way? >> well, the nice thing here is at least through this year we've got the iphone 5 coming, it's expanding to other channels. it's been kind of held back by the fact it wasn't in sprint, wasn't in t-mobile, hadn't ramped in verizon. that gets fixed this year and the demand for that product is still pretty much through the roof. as we get into next year and people are looking for that growth to continue, that's likely when we start seeing problems because we'll start missing that magic. and android and products from other players start to come up
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and challenge. without that extra magic, without that secret sauce, apple's ability to defend its turf is somewhat reduced. >> rob enderly, one of the leading tech analysts in the country, thanks for your time and your insight. in theory, he just left the stage with two hours ago. stay with nbc bay area news for our continuing coverage of this major story online and on air. g we'll have the breaking details as they become available. we'll also check back in later in the newscast. we'll go back to aem's cupertino headquarters. the murder of a woman has haunted the district attorney's office for ten years now but today the d.a. announced that the case is closed and her murderer, the man they suspected all along. kris sanchez joins us live from campbell. the last place jeanine harms was seen alive. now the case has come to a close but a tragic close all the way around. >> reporter: yes, it is, jessica.
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this is the place she was last seen alive after she made a new friend and took him back to her place in los gatos for a little nightcap. she was not seen again. throughout the rest of his life, he proclaimed his innocence. now a district attorney says he can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man was in fact her killer. >> on july 27th, 2001, miss jeanine sanchez-harms was murdered. number two, maurice nazme murdered miss sanchez-harms. >> reporter: that was not the first time someone said those two statements, but it was the first time the santa clara district attorney could say them definitively. after more than ten years of questions, the answers came down to 27 fibers found in a jeep cherokee. 27 fibers from two rugs from jeanine harms' home. >> there is no innocent explanation for those 27 fibers
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being in the back of the jeep cherokee. >> reporter: the district attorney says the case is now closed. little comfort to the sanchez-harms family. after ten years of no answers and him being taken into custody and then cleared, and forensic tests that take time, her brother snapped. he shot and killed maurice nazme and then turned the gun on himself. her father said for us this is the end. until they find her remains, if they find her remains. what happened, happened and we have to live with that. although the case is closed, the police know there are still questions unanswered. >> and i firmly believe that someone does in fact know what happened to jeanine and i ask for them to please come forward and help the family get the answer that they deserve. >> reporter: although the district attorney says that the fiber evidence is conclusive, it is not the only evidence in this case. the district attorney points to other evidence, including a witness account of having seen
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someone who resembled maurice nazme outside her home the night of her death. there is also the matter of her remai remains. they have never been found and police are still asking people to come forward with information. still ahead here at 6:00, a shootout at a bay area bank turns deadly. we'll have the latest details in a live report. >> reporter: smartboards may help your kids learn in class, but they may also impact their vision. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we did get some cooling for some of us to'ly, especially in the sos h bay. in san jose we had 84. san francisco at 65 and oakland 73. and tonight, well, it's going to be mild there in livermore, but we are seeing some fog returning to the coastline. we'll talk more about what this means for your temperatures in just a bit. we're still following the developing news at apple, steve jobs stepping down as ceo. what's going to happen next and
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historically how have other companies survived major pseu. r geourativeon cesounuh team of silicon valley insiders. stay with us. r
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there's a reason they call them armored trucks. a police officer and a security guard injured and an alleged suspect killed during an attempted robbery in pinole. two robbed suspects tried to rob an armored truck just after 9:00 this morning. kimberly tere has been there all day long and joins us live with the very latest. kim? >> reporter: jessica, this is where it happened. the area has just been reopened to the public so we could get a closer look. the armored truck involved pulled away about 15 minutes ago, as detectives wrapped up this part of their investigation. a busy shopping center was rocked by gunfire this morning and turned into a crime scene
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after an attempted armed robbery. >> yeah, it was crazy. >> reporter: pinole police say two men tried to rob the truck on the 1300 block of fitzgerald. one of the suspects got into a gun fight with the armored truck security guard who was injured in the exchange. police say the suspect took off running. two pinole police officers then arrived and confronted the second suspect who they say opened fire on them. one of the officers shot back, killing him. >> i witnessed a bunch of police cars flying up the freeway from all different areas. i noticed someone run off into the intersection. i heard a couple of shots go off and they didn't -- i saw the body drop. >> reporter: during the shooting an officer was also hit in the shoulder and taken to the hospital. >> we're trying to determine whether or not our officer was shot by a suspect or whether it was otherwise. >> reporter: police worked quickly to evacuate the shopping center where the bank is located and to shut down the fitzgerald
6:18 pm
exit from eastbound i-80. shortly into their investigation, police say the suspect who took off showed up at a nearby hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds. >> we believe that both suspects have been accounted for at this time. the one who is deceased and the one who we believe is a suspect arrived at the hospital. >> as for the officer who was injured, he was with pinole police for two years. before that he served in the u.s. air force. >> he's an excellent officer, he's diligent, he's a school resource officer, he's one of those guys -- he's a very large individual, but he's got a heart of gold. >> reporter: numerous agencies are involved in this investigation, including the fbi, since it was an attempted armored truck robbery. as for the conditions of those injured, the officer and the surviving suspect will likely be okay. the armored truck security guard we're told had surgery this afternoon. we do not kno her condition. live in pinole, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> okay, kimberly, thank you.
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now the fire. the 40-acre wildfire that has been burning just northwest of santa rosa is more than 75% contained. the fire was reported yesterday afternoon and cal fire says the blaze may have been sparked by someone target shooting on private property. the fire is expected to be fully contained within a day or two. this is some of the fears, when the temperatures rise in fire season with these fires. let's bring in jeff ranieri. certainly a little cooler than it was yesterday, jeff. >> yes, we actually did see some cooling. i know it still felt hot to you in the east bay, but there was numbers that did drop anywhere from 4 to 13 degrees here. widespread across the bay area, so those winds making a big difference, especially for our bayside communities, even down into san jose with 8 degrees cooler. we did top out at 84 in san jose, but then gilroy, also morgan hill, still mid-90s. 93 in livermore, 82 in napa, 85 in santa rosa and 65 in san francisco. so our microclimates in full effect today.
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really that unique bay area weather that a lot of us come to love here around this time of the year. we do have the fog rolling back into san francisco, 64 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 22 miles per hour. that's still a pretty strong fire wind but look at this, the numbers are starting to drop off near guerneville, also into napa. that is good news for the firefighters. 72 degrees there, 71 in hayward and 78 in san jose. it's going to drop off a lot cooler than it was last night. that's because our cooling onshore wind is returning. take a look at this, winds mainly out of the northwest are starting to shift westerlily at 10 miles per hour and eventually down here in the south bay we'll see winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour and that westerly wind is key to cooling us off and getting the fog here tonight. overall it's going to be mild as we head throughout tomorrow with plenty of 70s and 80s. that region brought us near record-setting heat on tuesday is pushing over texas. for us as we look at tomorrow's forecast, temperatures in the
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low to mid-70s for the east and south bay. still very warm to near hot in our interior sections but much cooler for the peninsula and also for our bayside communities. we'll have details on hurricane irene. this is a big, big storm that will impact millions of people for this upcoming weekend and i'll have the latest. in spite of painful cuts to california schools, it turns out more of the state students are passing the exit exam which is required to receive a diploma. 94% passed the english and math portion of the exam. in 2006 the passing rate was 90.4%. education leaders are happy students have continued to achieve despite the deep budget cuts. even better, the achievement gap between racial groups is shrinking. for the first time more than 90% of the black and latino students passed both parts of the test but they're still 7 percentage
6:22 pm
points behind caucasian and asian students. >> african-american students it's been 7% increase in results positive passage over those seven years. for latino students, it's been 12%. >> students first take the exit exam in the tenth grade. if they don't pass it, they are allowed to take it again in the 11th grade and finally in the 12th grade. students go back to school and it's all about how they see things. they're relying on high-tech tools to learn in the classroom. >> but one out of every four students has an undetected vision problem that makes high-tech learning a challenge. >> reporter: technology is transforming classrooms. students complete projects on laptops and now this electronic interactive board, often called a smartboard, has replaced the chalk board. students here at hammer montessori in san jose love it. >> you can show the things that you've done on the computer to anyone else in the classroom and
6:23 pm
they can see what you did. >> reporter: students use smartboards to do everything from diagram 17 tens to learn about science projects, but the high-tech learn kg take a toll on kids' eyes. >> the biggest problem is they're very compelling to children so they tend to want to stare and look at it. it fatigues their system faster. so we need more breaks and we need to have them vetted. we need children to get checkups to make sure they're checking. >> 8-year-old brian's eyes don't always team up well together when he reads making smartboard learning a challenge. >> i can't really see very well when i'm looking at it. >> reporter: his vision problems impacted his performance in school. >> the overhead projectors and the whiteboards, all the things they're starting to use in the classroom as well as the computer screens were really affecting his ability to read and his ability to get all the information in. he would come home and tell me he was really tired. >> reporter: now brian does
6:24 pm
vision therapy to improve his tracking and stamina. doctors say the key is not to rely on the smartboard too much. teachers here try to limit students' smartboard time to 15 to 20 minutes to give their eyes a rest. making sure the school's vision of creating smarter students doesn't harm their vision. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00, will they or won't they shut off your phone? b.a.r.t. outlines its new cell phone policy in the wake of numerous rowdy protests. also ahead, a significant change to a bay that dtiaton that des batack more than 100 years. how the community is responding. we're back in a moment. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney as big as it gets sale, find 50% off all arizona tops and bottoms for back to school! check out our biggest 4 hour steals this saturday! save 50% on flannels for guys,
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last night we told you about the big changes coming to the bay area's newspapers. they plan to consolidate more than a dozen papers and layoff 120 employees. >> joe rosato jr. visited the oakland tribune, a newspaper rich with history, but the
6:27 pm
oakland tribune will soon change its name and it's role. >> reporter: every time dave newhaus sits down to write he taps into the past. >> i've been with the tribune since 1964 except for two years. >> reporter: in 45 years, he has seen plenty of changes at the paper. >> during most of the '80s, oakland was dropped from the tribune masthead. it just said the tribune or the sunday tribune. >> reporter: several years ago it moved out of the downtown oakland tower that still bears its name. in just a few months, that name too will become a thing of the past. the bay area news group which own the tribune and more than a dozen other papers plans to fold them into two regional newspapers, the oakland tribune will become the east bay tribune. >> obviously anyone that has any nostalgic krex to the oakland tribune is going to feel a sense
6:28 pm
of loss. this is from nixon resigning. >> reporter: tribune editor martin reynolds says nowadays newspapers are in a fight to survive. >> it is a distressing time when you're obviously talking about layoffs and further consolidation and moving away from something that was your history. >> reporter: that history includes two pulitzer prizes and countless stories of a community. in oakland's 104-year-old newsstand, there's concern the new regional paper will turn its back on local issues. >> all peoples, they need their own area paper. but if it stops, it's no good for the business. >> reporter: but reynolds believes the changes will allow the paper to carry on. >> i love the tribune, whether it has oakland, east bay or whatever in the masthead. >> reporter: newhaus figure the changes were one more thing to live with.
6:29 pm
>> so many face lifts, it looks like joan rivers. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., bay area news. >> i've been reading dave for decades. so it's still surviving, but no longer just oakland tribune. coming up next, a direct conversation. how b.a.r.t. protesters took their complaints straight to the b.a.r.t. board room. plus more on the resignation heard around the world. apple's ceo, steve stepping down.s stepping down. we're going to take you live to cupertino headquarters.
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welcome back. we want to continue our coverage with news that has somewhat rattled the tech world. >> steve jobs announcing he is resigning as the ceo of apple. let's bring in business and tech reporter scott budman who's been following the events all afternoon. he joins us from apple's headquarters in cupertino. really the look of the impact of this announcement. i thought it was interesting in his resignation letter, i
6:32 pm
believe apple's most innovative days are ahead. that's a pretty bold statement coming from steve jobs himself. >> reporter: well, it's true. you know, that letter was in the e-mail box of apple employees this afternoon, and they are walking around here in a state of being stunned a little bit, i'll tell you. the mood is quiet out here at apple headquarters, but they're still carrying around their laptops and still getting work done. this company will survive, this company will move forward because it's got steve jobs' dna in it. if he is indeed the chairman of the board, he will still be here on campus occasionally as he has been over the last year overseeing things. this is, after all, a leader who when we last saw him in public back in june he was addressing the cupertino city council to get a new headquarters built that looks like a giant spaceship. the people here will continue to work and carry on that innovation with the products. another thing i've noticed around here on campus, it is dotted with signs that have the apple logo on it. all evening long tourists from all over the world have been
6:33 pm
taking pictures of each other in front of the apple logo. that's the kind of impact this place has had on the entire world. people just love to take pictures of the apple logo, just like they love to have an iphone in their pocket or the ipod ear buds in their ear or an ipad in their lap. apple has changed the technology landscape all over the world because of its stock price, which in the last decade has bric risen 4,000%. not only is the man who founded the company but the man who came back as ceo, the buck really stopped with him. that said, he steps aside tonight to make room for new ceo tim cook, a man who has taken the helm before and led apple to success in years past. so this company will continue to innovate, more products are due and, yes, steve jobs steps down but this place is still busy tonight. >> all right, scott budman
6:34 pm
reporting live from the cupertino headquarters of apple computers. and they were saying people are taking pictures now in front of that iconic apple logo. joining us for more perspective is our business and technology expert, scott mcgrew. we go from one scott to the other. this has been a remarkable afternoon. >> you've been covering steve jobs obviously for a very long time. >> since it was eight bucks a share. >> did you buy any then? >> no. >> we've heard other media analysts say when jobs goes, even though tim cook can run the operations in a competent way, the magic goes with steve jobs. what do you think about that, and historically how have other big companies that have been in a similar position where the visionary leaves, how do they survive? >> that's a good question right there. historically, let's look at another big company. that would be hewlett-packard. when dave packard and bill hewlett left, the company was never the same. they founded the company, they brought their dna to it. we know what problems hewlett-packard has had ever
6:35 pm
since. so there's an example of it not working out. can it work with apple? apple is like google or facebook, it has a verve to it no other company really does, its own entity. steve jobs, when he was talking to stanford graduates, one of the most personal things i've ever seen him do, there's a biography coming out that's co-written by him or at least with his participation. >> now fast tracked. >> we haven't read that. so the stanford graduation address is the most personal thing he's ever talked to the public about. and he said the one lesson is you have to trust it's all going to be okay, and i think that works fairly well here. they were talking earlier about will the pipeline fill, what kind of products. they have dominated so well that they have got six, seven years i think of domination left in them, even with no more magic. >> all right. >> well, the magic, we'll see what happens now. tim cook stepping in, long-time lieutenant of steve jobs since
6:36 pm
1998, i believe. scott mcgrew, thank you for your insight. stay with nbc bay area news for our continuing coverage of this story online and on the air. we will have all the breaking details. tonight at 11:00, we continue our coverage. we'll have a look at steve jobs' health and what's next for him personally. he's 56 years old, has had several well-documented health issues. we'll talk about that at 11:00. turning to another big story of the day, it's been a turbulent time for b.a.r.t. and its riders. >> on monday more than 40 people were arrested after protesters caused the shutdown of the civic center b.a.r.t. station. they're angry over the transit agency's decision to black out cell phones to its passengers on its platforms. and today they took their fight from the street to the b.a.r.t. board room. nbc bay area's tracy grant was there and she has this report. >> and we're not asking you for permission to protest. we are going to do it anyway. regardless of your policies. our free speech zone is wherever we happen to be standing.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: he and other members of no justice, no b.a.r.t. were standing monday evening was on market street in san francisco. they ended up there after a planned protest on b.a.r.t.'s civic center station platform was broken up by the transit agency's police force. it was another in a series of protests directed at b.a.r.t., first for a fatal officer-involved shooting of a homeless man. then for the fateful decision to shut down cell phone service in order to thwart a scheduled protest on august 11th. >> we get asked all the time why are we protesting in stations? it's because we tried everything else. this gets their attention. >> reporter: today was the first time those who disagree with b.a.r.t.'s actions could take their opinions from the streets to a board room in a public hearing with b.a.r.t.'s board of directors, administrators and the police chief. >> this is the discussion that should have happened before august 11th. if we had done this before august 11th, i think we would have bypassed a lot of the protesting we've had. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s detractors and supporters got a chance to express their points of view which are now part of
6:38 pm
the official record. >> i would just urge the board to not be distracted by these phony claims of infringement of supposed first amendment rights and to concentrate on the public safety. >> reporter: many people say based on the size of the protests, they were surprised that more people didn't show up. >> i love the emotional charge of a protest and right and wrong and that. but this is how change happens. >> reporter: in oakland, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. you may have felt it, the hayward fault has been shaking the east bay with two quakes less than 12 hours apart. the first earthquake was just before midnight measuring 3.6. the epicenter, three miles north of san leandro. this morning, a 3.5 quake rocked the same area. the epicenter, about a half mile away from the first one. both along the hayward fault. both earth quakes were widely felt but so far no reports of injuries or damage.
6:39 pm
now the latest on the earthquake that rattled the east coast. video like this of the tremor in progress has been surfacing today. this man was making a commercial for his car service in a washington suburb. you see his reaction getting thrown from his chair. but it was the epicenter, the small town of mineral, virginia, that felt the full force of the fi 5.8 quake. in washington, d.c., you see it here, chunks of plaster fell from the capitol rotunda and cracks have closed the washington monument. >> we're working with the architect at the capitol, some other entities to determine the structural soundness of these buildings. >> damage at the historic washington national cathedral is forcing officials to seek a new site to hold saturday's dedication services for the memorial honoring martin luther king jr. repair costs at this landmark alone are expected to be in the millions of dollars. let's turn your attention to the situation in tripoli, which is still dangerous tonight. moammar gadhafi on the run as
6:40 pm
heavily armed rebels fight off the few remaining forces loyal to the now compiled leader. >> in the meantime hospitals are overflowing with the injured and the dead. janelle wang has the very latest. >> reporter: just inside moammar gadhafi's compound in tripoli, the fighting continues. a gun battle between rebels and snipers loyal to the gadhafi regime. the rebels may be close to winning this civil war, but they are paying a terrible price. the fighting has cost hundreds of lives, hundreds more are injured. many of them are not fighters, just civilians caught in the crossfire of this crowded city, including this 5-year-old girl. she nearly lost three fingers from flying shrapnel. >> they were running away and they have been hit by a mortar. >> reporter: doctors are hopeful they saved her fingers, but with drugs in short supply and the medical staff stretched, their hope is dimming for others.
6:41 pm
>> the situation is crucial. we are suffering from lack of medical staff and the snipers are still everywhere. >> reporter: across the city, 35 foreigners who had been held captive by forces loyal to the gadhafi regime were freed. mostly journalists, but also a former u.s. congressman. >> we finally told them that gadhafi was no more, at least his apparatus was gone. they eventually put down their weapons. >> reporter: during the six-month-old civil war rebel leaders have been setting up a transitional government in benghazi. members of that new administration have started moving to the capital city of tripoli. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. >> the revolution continues. still to come at 6:00, the alarming new research on teenagers and facebook. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we did have some more cooling for some of us here across the area. instead of 90s in san jose, we had 84. also 65 in san francisco with that fog starting to roll back
6:42 pm
in. on hl owveore on h hot th wowgsinill stay for tomorrow coming up. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney as big as it gets sale,
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here it is, byob, bring your own bag, as in doggy bag. san jose's parks are no longer providing free bags to clean up after your dog. the city is cutting $60,000 from its budget by no longer stocking city parks with those disposable bags in which you can follow after your dog and clean up. the city is dealing with a $115 million budget cap but there might be help on the way. the nonprofit volunteer group called friends of the san jose rose garden is taking donations to help keep bag dispensers filled. here's some information that may make some parents think twice about allowing their kids to get involved with the social media site. according to a recent survey, u.s. teens who use social network sites regularly are more
6:45 pm
likely to use drugs and alcohol. it reported that kids who used social media are five times more likely to report using tobacco and three times more likely to drink alcohol. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. so we have hurricanes, earthquakes, high temperatures. anything else happening? >> a little bit of fog rolling in. we are starting to see a little cooling for parts of the bay area tonight. in fact hearing on my facebook that fog is much welcomed out here tonight, so we'll talk more about this fog and what it means for your temperatures in this upcoming weekend in just a few minutes. i'm david andrews. all-star caliber help is on the way for the san francisco giants. up next in sports, we'll tell you why thee may hthe poit oppoun artittoy dd not one, but two all-star players to the roster soon. [ female announcer ] for fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure. [ man ] after allegra-d, i have it all.
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co hot yesterday, a little cooler today, just like jeff ranieri told us it would be. >> perfect. >> oh, yes, yes. not too bad. we did have some 90s. still, it was hot for parts of the east bay. walnut creek 92, morgan hill with 91, pleasanton 90 and south san jose with 88 degrees today. so, yes, we did have some hot weather for some of you, but in san francisco, 65. in fact dennis o'brien is in the
6:48 pm
sunset district in san francisco and says that cool and cloudy and also breezy conditions are much welcome right there down into downtown san francisco, so of course many folks up there into san francisco really love this weather this time of the year. so let's get a look right now in san francisco. i think i've said that enough here in the past 30 seconds. you can see the fog rolling right across the transamerica building and 64 degrees. winds still northwest near the city at 22 miles per hour. that just goes to show you even with this drying wind, the fog is really starting to undercut a lot of that hot air that has been with us the past two days. still holding on to warmth in livermore with 86, 78 in san jose, 77 in sunnyvale and starting to drop right now in san mateo to 70. tonight most the fog mainly at the coast, low clouds throughout the peninsula. tomorrow it's still going to stay warm with plenty of 80s, maybe even a few 90s. most of our marked cooling yet again throughout the coastline and also for our bayside communities. here's a look at the fog tonight. it's pretty ragged. it's having a hard time
6:49 pm
developing so we'll see it build up but it's not going to be widespread extensive cloud cover as we head throughout tomorrow. we have this mild air well to the north. that will stay with us over the next 48 hours as the region of high pressure heads across texas, so that will keep fog here in the forecast with temperatures in the 80s throughout thursday. for most of our inland spots and throughout friday it stays seasonal. just what you should expect this time of year. throughout tomorrow morning we'll find the fog once again at the coastline and the peninsula. maybe a little low cloud cover throughout berkeley and right across the bay, but otherwise starting off clear in the south bay and sunny skies throughout tomorrow afternoon. hurricane irene, this is going to be a large storm by all accounts. still expected to strengthen into a category 3 and stay at that status as it could look for its first landfall still near cape hatteras and the carolinas. maybe a second landfall still aimed near new jersey possibly even, yes, long island, new york. look at this, right now winds gusting to 150 miles per hour. a major storm at this point.
6:50 pm
all right, morning time on the weather channel on cable on that storm system. we have the entire nbc news team right up and down the east coast. otherwise 87 in evergreen, 85 san jose, 84 in los gatos tomorrow. 86 in livermore. we'll try to get those numbers down a little bit in the east bay but we can't rule out a few isolated 90s. the wind shifts for about five minutes and those numbers can go up five or six degrees. as we head throughout tomorrow, what we're going to find once again is just a little bit of cooling inland with still upper 80s. 60s at the coastline. and throughout this upcoming weekend it stays with the same kind of weather, so here's the thing. if you like what we have tomorrow, i'm pretty much guaranteeing you're going to love what we have on saturday and sunday. when do you get that in weather? >> that's a guarantee. >> money back? >> money back. >> how much are you going to bet? >> we'll discuss that after. >> let's get to sports.
6:51 pm
let's bring in damon an cruise -- andrews. it's a little confusing, but the giants will figure this out. damon, take it away here. pay close attention. >> reporter: we'll spell it all out for you, thank you so much. if you can't beat them, claim them. the padres closer heath bell has always been a huge pain in the back side of the san francisco giants. today they claimed the three-time all star off the waiver wire and are 48 hours away from putting him in an orange and black uniform. bell has 35 saves just like brian wilson. also the diamondbacks could have claimed bell and the giants didn't want that. despite all of that, though, the g-men still have to complete a trade to make this happen. worst case scenario, though, they don't and bell goes back to san diego and not the diamondbacks. i think you've got it. meanwhile the giants will get a major boost from an all-star player that they already have the rights to and that is carlos
6:52 pm
beltran, the right fielder. jamie has more live from at&t. >> reporter: yeah, damon. this will hopefully be a big boost for the giants tonight with all the injuries they have had, getting their star acquisition back in the starting lineup might be just what they need. >> well, it's always positive when you are able to get back into the game. but at the same time, you know, what counts is winning. so we need to find out how to win ball games. i think as a team it would be great to score early and give the starting pitcher the confidence that he can go out there and, you know, shut the other team down. we have such a good starting pitchers. the thing is that we're working a little locker to score runs. if we can do that early, it would be better. >> reporter: and a couple of injury updates. brian wilson scheduled to play easy catch tomorrow. sergio romo is scheduled to pitch an inning on friday in a
6:53 pm
rehab assignment. >> all right, jamie, thank you so much. to the nfl. the 49ers into the second half of their training camp and not too many jobs on offense have been locked down, with positions on the offensive line and even quarterback still up for grabs. mindy has more. >> reporter: the third preseason game is typically when most nfl teams have their starting lineup solidified, but for the 49ers they had a late start to the season because of the lockout and with a new coaching staff, many of the players who are competing for a starting job on offense don't even know how much they'll play on saturday. >> competition is always welcome. and i've been a guy that's had to compete for seven years now. so it's nothing new to me. i'm just right now focusing on what i have to do to get on the field. >> they haven't talked about it too much. we're staying focused on getting better every day, making sure we get this offense down and going from there. >> and getting the offense down is also the goal of offensive coordinator greg roman. roman says the installation of his new offense is nearly complete. when i asked him what areas he
6:54 pm
would like to fine tune against the texans on saturday, he replied repeatedly, everything. in santa clara, mindy bach for nbc bay area. >> okay, that's it for sports. raj, jessica, back to you. >> excellent explanation about the heath bell situation. >> we try. >> thank you, damon. ol rff baya sports coverage, watch comcast sportsnet central tonight at 17:30. they'll update the heath bell/g
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll continue to follow our developing news out of silicon valley, the resignation of steve jobs. tonight what's behind the move and what it will mean for the future of that silicon valley giant. don't miss our live coverage at 11:00 after "law & order svu." we also continue our coverage at 7:00 with brent cannon. >> we've got several experts to in in and talk to us tonight. that is the big story, steve jobs resigning at apple. we're also talking about earthquakes. we had a couple of small ones here in the bay area and we'll talk a little more about those and the perspective of what happened on the east coast. and also we're going to sit down with san francisco newspaper editor, we've been talking about the big changes in the industry, especially the east bay. but we're going to look overall what it means for journalism in the new digital age. that's coming up on comcast 186 e' jeell sinut wll see yout 7:0e
6:58 pm
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